Work Effectiveness Time vs Results

Work Effectiveness Time vs Results – ROWE Your Boat!

ROWE is an acronym that stands for Results Only Work Environment. The main principle behind ROWE is to create an environment that is orientated towards recognising and rewarding results rather than time.  In its pure form where pay is concerned a reward is only given when results are achieved, clearly this is going to be a step too far if your team is already salaried, so you will more probably go for a Results Orientated Work Environment.

In order to create a ROWE the manager has to set specific, measurable objectives that produce clear results that can be tested and accepted.  Whilst the “time bound” element of a SMART*objective is still be important (e.g. for deadline purposes) the most important aspect is the “measurability”; the quality standard by which you, the manager, will assess whether the task has been completed, and therefore whether the person deserves praise or not.

ROWE has distinct benefits:

  • People have no need to ask permission to come and go like adults
  • You have no need to supervise and monitor attendance
  • People can manage their own time which gives them a sense of empowerment
  • You don’t have to worry/chase/monitor every working hour
  • People can work with fewer distractions
  • You don’t have to manage a workplace
  • Reward/recognition is based on actual output, not hours, so productivity will rise**
  • It is a partial solution to the over hours challenge; people will not take on work they do not intend to complete.

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* Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound
** Best Buy, British Telecom, Dow Chemical and many others show that tele-workers are 35-40% more productive.